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I've registered, now what?

You should receive a welcome email from us straight away and an email showing your schedule after 30 minutes. The day before the event you will also receive an email telling you more about the event and providing instructions on how to watch the talks during the 3 day event. 

I haven't received your emails?

If you do not receive these emails, then here are a few possible reasons and some solutions noted below:

• You didn’t complete the registration process, upon registering. The registration process requires that you go through multiple steps (providing your email then selecting your talks, selecting your categories & finally hitting submit). It’s common for people to think they completed the process when in fact they didn’t. 

Solution: go through the full registration process again, making sure to get to the end.

• Our emails are going to your spam folder.

Solution: Check your spam folder and whitelist our emails.

• Your company/organisation is blocking our emails. 

Solution: You can re-register using a personal email address instead.

How do I login to watch the talks?

To view the talks you need to be logged in on the summit website (

The process for logging in is as follows:

i. Visit the summit website (i.e.

ii. Click on "Login" on the top right (if this doesn't appear and instead you see a three dot menu (...) with Logout nested within - congrats, you're already in and can start viewing content).

iii. Enter the email address you registered with as instructed (make sure "I'm an attendee" is selected) and click "continue".

iv. An email with a login link should arrive in your email inbox within a few minutes.

v. Click the link in the email (no password required) and you should then be logged in to view all the talks.

If you do not receive your login email within a few minutes, please check your spam. It's possible that your company/organisation is blocking our emails and hence you may need to re-register with a personal email.

Alternatively you can contact us at and we will verify your email and provide a login link directly.

Once you are logged in you will remain logged in, unless you clear your cache/cookies etc. Hence you should typically only need to got through the login process once during the 3-day event.

Please note, login links are only valid for 24 hours. Also, if you request more than one login link this invalidates any earlier versions that were sent (hence please ensure you are clicking on the latest link sent to you).

We highly recommend you try logging in well in advance of the event to ensure you do not have any issues on the day.

Here is some further information if you are having trouble getting logged in.

What is the time zone for the talks?

The talks run from 9am BST to 6pm BST. All talks are shown in the attendees local time, configured automatically from the attendees browser time zone.

Can I use the talks for CPD?

We do not formally verify you watched the talks. However, you may still be able to use the talks for CPD purposes via self-certification etc. Obviously you will need to explain the learning need it met in line with your association's CPD requirements.

How do I access the talks?

Once you are logged in, if you click on schedule you will be able to access the talks from there.

How do I access the two live sessions (the 'Actuary Vs Machine' panel debate and the 'Actuarial Fireside Chat') and the “social networking lounge” and “speed networking sessions”?

These sessions are all taking place outside the main platform. Simply click on the "Social Lounge" link in the menu or click here to access them (separate (but very quick) registration required and spaces are limited). You can find out more about the social lounge platform here.

I’m having trouble logging into and using the Live Sessions/Social Lounge site.

Please note that the platform may not work on mobile phones. Please, therefore, use desktop/laptop for access. Also, not every browser works on the Airmeet platform. Please make sure you are using an up to date browser. The recommended browser is Chrome.

If you are still having trouble with Airmeet, their support is excellent. You can contact them via their website or support lounge. You can also view our video for further support.

My videos are slightly blurry

The talks are streamed via adaptive streaming. This means videos will play at the resolution best suited to your internet speed. In the unlikely event you experience any blurriness (for example on powerpoint slides with small text), this is the adaptive streaming trying to cope with very low internet speed. You can set resolution manually to a higher definition (e.g. 720p or 540p) using the gear icon on the bottom right of the video, as shown below (although it 'may' then buffer more slowly as a result if your internet is very slow).  

I'm still having issues, who do I contact?

You can reach out to us at

I’m in China/Hong Kong/Indonesia and the videos aren’t playing for me. 

Videos are streamed via Vimeo Pro, which is one of the most professional and trusted video-sharing websites in the world. Unfortunately, like many other prominent video-sharing websites, Vimeo is blocked in various countries in the world, including China and Indonesia. Please contact us at

Are replays available?

Yes replays are freely available for 24 hours after each talk is ‘aired live.’

How do I access replays?

You can access the replay links via the replay option in the menu on the summit website. Attendees will also be sent the link to the replays.

What about after that?

After the conference, all videos are added to the video library in ProActuary Connect. ProActuary Connect includes a wide range of benefits including certified courses, networking, 24/7 access to previous summit events and more. We have a special summit launch price available during the event. You can find out more here

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